October Mission: Find those storage areas!

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The Fall is here, and it’s a great time to finally put away those seasonal summer items, and start to prepare for winter. So this month we’re clearing out our storages areas, so we can find those important cooler weather favorites, like boots, snowpants, and holiday decor!
Mission 1: The Garage
Mission 2: The Basement
Mission 3: The Closet
Mission 4: Organizing from the Top!

April Mission: Spring cleaning your storage spaces!

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Spring is here, and it’s a great time to put away the snow shovels and scarfs and make those seasonal summer items accessible.

This month we’re clearing out our storage  areas.  Spring cleaning here we come!

Mission 1: The Garage
Mission 2: The Basement
Mission 3: The Closet
Mission 4: Organizing from the Top!

Storage Area Mission #4: Organizing from the top!

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Take a peek in your attic. Do you even know what is up there?

For many people, the attic is where extra clothing gets stored. Whether you store your seasonal clothing in the attic or basement, it’s time to put away your flannels and bring out your shorts.

Be sure to only store what you like, wear, and fit into. Otherwise, you’re wasting valuable space!

Once you’ve exchanged your seasonal clothes, devote some time to taking an inventory of what exactly is in your attic.

Ask yourself:

  • Is there a better place to store this item? Move it to the better location.
  • Am I ever REALLY going to use this item? Trash or donate the item.
  • Could someone else benefit from this item? Give the item away.

If you can’t devote a day to this project, try committing to 15 minutes a day.

Here are some products that may help make the most of your attic:

Attic “closet”

Make your own attic floor

Having trouble making progress in your attic? Let Set Me Free! help you with your project.

Storage Area Mission #3: What’s in your closet?

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The weather is starting to change. It’s about time to switch your winter and summer stashes.  Spend this week regaining control of your coat closet.

Empty out the closet, mark 3 boxes “Keep”, “Donate”, and “Trash” and get to work!

  1. Identify a storage container for your seasonal items. Only put in items worthy of storing. Take note of any multiples you have of certain items and pass them on to a local charity. Label your container and place it in long term storage (attic, basement, etc)
  2. Take a look at what is remaining. Does everything left really belong in the prime real estate of your coat closet? Or should you find the item a better home in your attic, basement, or another room?
  3. How many umbrellas do you really need? Don’t keep more than 1 per member of the household. (Too harsh? Go ahead and keep a spare for a rainy day)
  4. Assess your use of space. Would your closet benefit from a second clothing rod, hanging shelves, cubbies, or shoe boxes?
  5. Not sure how to make all your gloves, scarves, and hats accessible? Use a clear over-the-door shoe organizer to store these small items and you’ll be able to easy access all your winter accessories in a snap.

Short on time this week? Commit to taking out 5 things from your closet every day this week. You must donate, throw away, or reassign a “home” to each item. By the end of the week, your closet will have slimmed down by 35 items!

Afraid you’re opening a can of worms? Hire Set Me Free! to help you with your project.

Storage Area Mission # 2: Head to the basement!

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Basements are mixed blessings. On one hand, they can provide additional living area and storage. On the other hand, they can be clutter magnets, attracting those “I don’t know where to put it” items, those unfinished projects, and those “I might need it someday” objects.

Because of the assortment of items that can be found in basements, basements can be overwhelming. This week, you are challenged to identify and complete one goal for your basement. Here are some suggestions: (Read on …)

Storage Area Mission #1: The Garage

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With the weather starting to change, now is a great time to regain control of your garage.

If you park in your garage, this may not be a difficult space to organize in a week. However, if your garage has essentially become a shed, use this week to come up with a better plan for your garage and challenge yourself to see how much you can accomplish. (If you don’t own a garage, take this week to organize the areas of you home where you store items like gardening supplies, tools, outdoor toys, camping gear, or sports equipment. Or assess your storage areas and work on the biggest problem area.)

  • Tasks
    • QUICK PURGE: Set a timer for 15 minutes and do a quick purge. Remove anything from the are that is trash, can be donated, or can be relocated to another area/person.
    • CATEGORIZE: Organize your belongings into categories. Pretend your garage is a department store. Where would the item be found? In the gardening department? In the tool area? With sports equipment? Use a discerning eye. Toss or donate anything you don’t need, don’t expect to use, don’t like, or have duplicates of.
    • ASSESS STORAGE: If you have piles of belongings on the floor and nothing on the walls, invest in vertical storage. Consider sturdy shelves or peg boards. Use bins to hold like items. (See if your dollar store has plastic dishpans or shoe boxes- they work well!)
    • LABEL: Once you assign everything a home, label your bins and shelves. Labeling ensures that all the members of your household can maintain your now organized garage

Completely overwhelmed?

  • Decrease the clutter over-stimulation by covering up your disorganized areas with sheets or dropcloths. Work on one area at a time.
  • Enlist the help of a friend or a professional organizer. Two can get the job done faster and more efficiently!

Check out these great organizing products for garages or click here for other organizing products:

Cool Product Alert!: Dish Pan Storage

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Need a place in your closet to store your umbrellas, hats & purses? Head to the dollar store and purchase some plastic rectangular dishpans. Label each with their contents (or label one for each member of your household) and place on a shelf in your closet.

It’s cheap, organized, and easy!

Before/After: 3 hours in the Garage!

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Garages can be overwhelming. This client used Set Me Free! to help her get her garage started and make the project more manageable for her to chip away at on her own. Look at the progress in just 3 hours!


Before                                     After

Before/After: Basement Storage

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Organizing storage areas can be overwhelming. Just look at this basement. What appears to be a project that would take weeks was completed in under 8 hours!

basement-1.jpg basement-2.jpg

Before                         After

(Yes, this is the same basement, look at the hammock on the left side of each picture to gain persepective).

Here’s what the client has to say:

“It is simply amazing the difference that can happen in a much shorter time that I anticipated. Just setting the time aside for you to come over and help made it happen. Set Me Free can only begin to describe the weight off my shoulders I feel at tackling and cleaning up areas that are now being used as living space. I could not have done it without you! Thanks so much!!!” Ann P.

You can be set free too, hire Set Me Free to quickly tackle your overwhelming project!

Before/After: Basement Play Area

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Here are some recent pictures from a home that is getting ready for sale. Since the toys can’t be packed up until the children move, we sorted through toys and created a play area. Now that the toys have been scaled back, you can notice some of the great features of this walk out basement. Repositioning a couch to the corner draws prospective home buyers into the room and imagine the room’s full potential. The room can now be shown to potential buyers and still be functional space for the home owners.

Before After Set Me Free!

Before Basement12-1B.jpg Basement12-1A.jpg After

Before Basement12-1B1.jpg Basement12-1A21.jpg After

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