Cool Product Alert: Easy Closet Solutions!

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Hanging shoe and sweater organizers are great for adults and children.

I love using canvas hanging shoe organizers to make dressing my children a snap. I simply place an outfit in each cubby, then my child selects an outfit to wear. (So far, these cubbies have been big enough to house up to size 5T without any problems). My kids no longer try to dress themselves in outfits that don’t match. And my husband (who openly admits he doesn’t know how to match girl outfits) now has no problem helping me get the kids dressed! You’ll also no longer have a laundry crisis because you’ll know when it is time to get to the laundry when you see most of the cubbies empty!
Whitney Design 01822 10-Pocket Canvas Hanging Shoe Bag These are the organizers I use to store outfits for my children.

Whitney Design 01822-2 10-Pocket Double Canvas Hanging Shoe Bag -This size organizer is great for a child’s closet

Whitney Design 01822-3 Hanging Canvas Shoe and Sweater Bag This organizer holds sweaters and shoes!

Whitney Design 01812 6-Shelf Canvas Sweater Organizer Here’s a larger cubby organizer sized for sweaters.

Cool Products: Organized….with kids

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It’s hard to feel organized when kids have you going in every direction. Here are some great products to help be organized… even with kids!

hangingcanvasshoe.jpg Want to promote self sufficiency with your children? Place matched outfits in each space and your children can pick an outfit each morning and you’ll no longer have to explain why that Hawaiian shirt doesn’t match soccer pants. This is also great for spouses who “can’t find” anything to dress the kids in. Just match up outfits as you put away the laundry.
Fridgemate.jpg Kids tend to generate a lot of paperwork. Easily reference their schedules with this refrigerator organizer.
ClosetDoubler1.jpg Double your closet space! This “Closet Doubler” is especially great for making the most of a children’s closet.
Anti-tip1.png When you’re organizing a room for children, don’t forgo safety. Secure furniture to walls to prevent injuries.

toylabels.jpg Make cleaning up a game! Use these labels to label your toy bins. You child can match the toys to the picture or word.
photohook.png Organize your entranceway or mudroom. Teach your children to hang up their clothes and backpacks. Place a picture of your child in their corresponding hook.

Hangingjewelry1.jpgHaving trouble finding hair ribbons, barrettes, and rubber bands for your daughters? Need a place to store dress-up jewelry? Or need a place to house your Polly Pocket or Barbie accessories? This hanging organizer does the job!

bathtub.jpg Bath toys are great, unless you’re stepping on them first thing in the morning! This frog attaches to your bath tub stall and has a detachable scoop to house bath toys. My kids love using the scoop to fish out their toys when bath time is over.

cdwallet.jpg Do your kids love movies, but the DVD cases end up all over the floor and the DVD’s never end up back in their cases? Ditch the cases and put them in a DVD wallet. Most kiddie movies have pictures on the face of the DVDs. Since my kids can’t read yet they just flip through their movie wallet to make a selection and I can easily return the DVD to the wallet when they are finished viewing it. Bonus: their movies are alway portable for trips!
View more organizing products for kids here.

Cool Product Alert: Recipe Organizer

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Need some help getting your recipe collection organized? Try this Recipe Keeper.

With this recipe organizer, you can organize your recipes by categories- whether your recipes are from magazines, are handwritten, or printed from your computer.

And for the messy cook—everything wipes clean!

Cool Product Alert!: Dish Pan Storage

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Need a place in your closet to store your umbrellas, hats & purses? Head to the dollar store and purchase some plastic rectangular dishpans. Label each with their contents (or label one for each member of your household) and place on a shelf in your closet.

It’s cheap, organized, and easy!

Cool Product Alert!: Make a spice drawer

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I love this great find at AC Moore.  The client got these small organizers, 4 in a pack for $1.  They are the perfect size for small spice containers.    Spices will now stay in place when the drawer is opened and closed.


Cool Product Alert: Things are looking up in the garage!

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Next week, we’ll be starting in the garage. This is a great garage storage solution to help you maximize your storage space. This storage rack not only stores things from your garage ceiling, but it can also be lowered so that you can access your items without dragging out your ladder! I haven’t tried this system yet, but I’m hoping to.

Cool Product Alert: Jewelry Organizer

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I’ve been using this jewelry organizer for about a year now, and I still love it. My jewelry box was taking up too much space on my dresser, and I could never see what I had. With this hanging jewelry organizer, I can view all my jewelry while I’m in my closet picking out my outfit.

Get yours in time for next week’s final bedroom project. This jewelry organizer is also great for storing a girl’s barrettes and hair accessories!

Whitney Design 80-Pocket Cotton Canvas Jewelry Organizer

Cool Product Alert: Sock Organizer

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Tired of digging through your drawers in search of a matching pair of socks? Ever since I got this sock organizer, I’ve shaved minutes off my morning routine. These organizers are great for kids socks, underwear, and onesies!

Order your sock organizer today and be ready for next week’s dresser drawer mission!

32 Compartment Diamond Drawer Organizer – (White)

Cool Product Alert!: Organize those bath toys!

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Are you sick of stepping on bath toys to take your shower?

I was, so I recently got this great frog shaped bath toy holder.  Simply scoop up the bath toys, rinse, and hang it up to drain & dry.   It’s so easy that my kids can do it!  This frog can be installed to your bathtub by mounting it with screws to tile, or by using a strong included adhesive (holds up to 10 pounds), or by using included suction cups (holds up to 5 lbs). I used the suction cup option and it really works–mine is filled with toys! It also has a place to hold bath products.

I love it so much, I think this will be my new standard baby shower gift! It’s adorable and practical!

Here’s the link to check it out:

Frog Pod