Before/After: Playroom/Bedroom

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Does this look familiar?  Three young children share this bedroom/playroom.   In just four hours, the client and I were able to transform this room and even sort a large collection of toys being stored.  We filled my van with donation items and moving toys with small pieces to an area where the mother can regulate these toys.  Here are the fantastic results:

(Click the photos to enlarge).
Before:                           After:
IMG_5495.JPG    IMG_5500.JPG

Before:                             After:
IMG_5497.JPG     IMG_5501.JPG

Before/After: Bedroom Makeover

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Be inspired by this recent transformation! In just 3 hours, this bedroom was restored to a tranquil retreat. You can do it too!
Before: After Set Me Free!

Before/After: 3 hours in the Garage!

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Garages can be overwhelming. This client used Set Me Free! to help her get her garage started and make the project more manageable for her to chip away at on her own. Look at the progress in just 3 hours!


Before                                     After

Before/After:Guest Room

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Get Inspired! In about 3 hours, this room is now ready for overnight guests. There’s even extra room in the closet for guests’ belongings.  This hostess just needs to pull open the sofa bed and she’s ready for overnighters!

Before……………..After Set Me Free!



Before After: Spare Bedroom

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Over time, this spare bedroom had become a storage hall for all those “I’ll deal with those later” items. Eventually, the room became too chaotic to even enter. Now, after four hours of help from Set Me Free! , this client is in control of her room.  She still has a few boxes to go through, but the project is now in a manageable stage for her to complete on her own.  In the meantime, she now a space she can use!
. Before……………….. After Set Me Free!
dooffice-1.jpgdooffice-2.jpg dooffice-3.jpg

Before/After: Basement Storage

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Organizing storage areas can be overwhelming. Just look at this basement. What appears to be a project that would take weeks was completed in under 8 hours!

basement-1.jpg basement-2.jpg

Before                         After

(Yes, this is the same basement, look at the hammock on the left side of each picture to gain persepective).

Here’s what the client has to say:

“It is simply amazing the difference that can happen in a much shorter time that I anticipated. Just setting the time aside for you to come over and help made it happen. Set Me Free can only begin to describe the weight off my shoulders I feel at tackling and cleaning up areas that are now being used as living space. I could not have done it without you! Thanks so much!!!” Ann P.

You can be set free too, hire Set Me Free to quickly tackle your overwhelming project!

Before/After: Basement Play Area

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Here are some recent pictures from a home that is getting ready for sale. Since the toys can’t be packed up until the children move, we sorted through toys and created a play area. Now that the toys have been scaled back, you can notice some of the great features of this walk out basement. Repositioning a couch to the corner draws prospective home buyers into the room and imagine the room’s full potential. The room can now be shown to potential buyers and still be functional space for the home owners.

Before After Set Me Free!

Before Basement12-1B.jpg Basement12-1A.jpg After

Before Basement12-1B1.jpg Basement12-1A21.jpg After

Before/After: Office/Spare Bedroom

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Not only is this 3rd floor attic space an office for two and a spare bedroom, but it is also the only storage area in the home. In four hours, the clutter is cleared out and it is now a functional space!
Be sure to click on the images for close-ups! Also, you can read what the client “Kathy” has to say in the comment section that follows.

Before IMG_0776.jpg IMG_0781.jpg After

Before IMG_0773.jpg IMG_0780.jpg After

Before IMG_0777.jpg IMG_0783.jpg After

Before/After: Basement Storage

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In just 4 hours, this basement was transformed. The room is now a functional storage space–and with a completely empty bookcase, there is room to grow!

(Be sure to click on the pictures for close-ups!)


IMG_0764.jpg IMG_0765.jpg


IMG_0770.jpg IMG_0771.jpg

Before/After: Arts and Crafts Center

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Look what Set Me Free! can do in just one hour.  The client’s daughter loves doing arts and crafts, but had to dig through piles before she could get started.  In just one hour, the materials were sorted and put in appropriate sized containers.   

Read how organizing has helped this client.

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