Before/After: Office/Spare Bedroom

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Not only is this 3rd floor attic space an office for two and a spare bedroom, but it is also the only storage area in the home. In four hours, the clutter is cleared out and it is now a functional space!
Be sure to click on the images for close-ups! Also, you can read what the client “Kathy” has to say in the comment section that follows.

Before IMG_0776.jpg IMG_0781.jpg After

Before IMG_0773.jpg IMG_0780.jpg After

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Unstuck–I just needed some coaching!

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 Client Testimonial

My two-car garage was out of control.  Filled to the brim with  boxes labeled “miscellaneous,” it overwhelmed and depressed me.  I couldn’t get started on my own.   


That’s where Colleen came in.  She was the coach I needed to get unstuck and get the job done.  She arrived with fantastic tools — tarps to cover areas we weren’t working on (to help me focus), upbeat music, sorting boxes, a label machine, a timer, and her own logical approach.
She helped me pace myself, box by box, and get the job down.  She helped me figure out what kind of storage made sense for me, and even ran out to the store (while I took a breather!) and bought containers that worked for my needs.  In seven hours, we had cleared out the garage enough that I can (for the first time!) park one car inside.  Three shelving units in the garage are now logically organized and functional, I no longer have cleaning products that I don’t use taking up space, and I have the tools I need to finish the job on my own. (See Before/After pics)

My favorite part, though, is what we did with the haphazard piles of craft supplies we uncovered in our cleaning project.  In an hour, we sorted through paints, stickers, papers, glitter, activity books and other supplies, grouped like items, got rid of excess, and gave everything new homes in clear, labeled, appropriately-sized containers that Colleen picked out for me.  The containers stack beautiful on two shelves in the garage.  It’s been 2 months, and I can honestly say my kids and I have enjoyed using these supplies almost every day.  It’s so easy now to just grab the sticker container, for example, by its handle, and hand it to my daugher and her friends.  And it’s so easy to put things back and find them again!  Who knew that an hour of work (just an hour!) and a $20 investment in plastic containers would make such a difference in the way I interact with my kids and the way we can enjoy what we have. (See Before/After pics)


Before/After: Kitchen

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Client Testimonial:

Since the birth of our second child I have been struggling with clutter. All the stuff that is big and bulky that goes with newborns and toddlers began to overcome my house. Also, I found myself with little time to handle the day to day flow of paper, mail, coupons, toys, snacks and miscellaneous “stuff” that would pile on top of my kitchen counters. My counter became the dumping ground for all kinds of stuff that would sit there for weeks (OK months)!

Like many families we spend the majority of our time in the kitchen. Our primary entrance to our home is a kitchen door. We constantly find ourselves “landing” everything on the counters.

My kitchen was so cluttered; it bothered me to walk in the room. With too much stuff on the counters and things always seeming to be out of place, the room just screamed “chaos”. I decided I had to do something to reclaim the clean, clutter free cabinets and counters of pre-baby days, so I contacted Colleen at “Set Me Free!”. (Read on …)