Before/After: Basement Storage

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Organizing storage areas can be overwhelming. Just look at this basement. What appears to be a project that would take weeks was completed in under 8 hours!

basement-1.jpg basement-2.jpg

Before                         After

(Yes, this is the same basement, look at the hammock on the left side of each picture to gain persepective).

Here’s what the client has to say:

“It is simply amazing the difference that can happen in a much shorter time that I anticipated. Just setting the time aside for you to come over and help made it happen. Set Me Free can only begin to describe the weight off my shoulders I feel at tackling and cleaning up areas that are now being used as living space. I could not have done it without you! Thanks so much!!!” Ann P.

You can be set free too, hire Set Me Free to quickly tackle your overwhelming project!

Organizing Resolutions made Easy!

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We’re a week into the New Year. How are you doing with your New Year’s organizing resolutions? Maybe you’re struggling because you didn’t define your resolutions. Perhaps you resolved that your house would be “more organized”, but know you just don’t know how to acheive that goal.

Here are some easy to measure approaches to help you meet your goal. Pick one goal and once you work it into your routine, add another one. Over time, you’ll see and feel the difference in your home and your life!

1. Straighten up 15 minutes a day!

2. If you work from home, are a stay-at-home parent, or are retired, make it your goal for you (and your kids) to be dressed and groomed by a specific time, like 9 am on weekdays! You’ll be more productive and will always be ready to run out the door when your friend calls for a last minute playdate or when you suddenly remember that morning doctor appointment. (This is my resolution, and it really came in handy today when I needed to meet the 9:30 deadline at the same-day dry cleaners! The kids and I were ready to go! No mad rush!)

3. Do one load of wash every day! (This includes washing, drying, and putting them away!)

4. Complete your Set Me Free! task each week.

5. Take the FlyLady’s advice and create a morning routine and an evening routine.

6. File your mail everyday.

7. Clean out your purse every week.

8. Clean out your car every week.

Remember, pick one task and build on it!