Happy New Year! Resolve to get organized with a friend!

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Make it your New Year’s resolution to implement organizing routines!

Organizational routines allow you to slowly work on organizing your home without dropping everything else in the process. By chipping away at your organizing projects, you avoid creating “backlogs” of clutter and putting things off for “Spring Cleaning”, an overwhelming and frequently avoided task.

You can implement organizational routines simply by following my weekly Monthly Missions program. Each month we focus on a new zone of your home and each week we complete a different task. Commit to spending 15 minutes a day on the task. Or lump the time together and complete the task on a weekend. In 6 months you will have gone through your whole home. You may not finish each week’s task, but you will have made a dent in it. And that’s how your organized home will evolve.

If you have a big project you really want to complete, go for it! Those 5 years of photographs aren’t going to organize themselves! But don’t let these projects interfere with your weekly Set Me Free! projects. Otherwise, your photos will be organized at the expense of the rest of your home. If you have trouble getting it all done, hire a professional organizing company like Set Me Free! to help you.

Make your organizational evolution more fun by inviting a friend or group of friends to join in the Set Me Free! weekly program. Pick one day each week to “weigh in” with your friend or group of friends about your organizing progress by phone calls, emails, or visits. At the end of each month, go out and celebrate your accomplishments together! Share before/after pictures each month and award a toy shovel to the person who “dug out” the most that month! The recipient who receives the award get to pick how to celebrate your accomplishments the following month.

If your group has accomplishments you would like to share with others on this site, you can submit them to BeFreeWithMe@setmefreeonline.com .

Happy Organizing!