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Hanging shoe and sweater organizers are great for adults and children.

I love using canvas hanging shoe organizers to make dressing my children a snap. I simply place an outfit in each cubby, then my child selects an outfit to wear. (So far, these cubbies have been big enough to house up to size 5T without any problems). My kids no longer try to dress themselves in outfits that don’t match. And my husband (who openly admits he doesn’t know how to match girl outfits) now has no problem helping me get the kids dressed! You’ll also no longer have a laundry crisis because you’ll know when it is time to get to the laundry when you see most of the cubbies empty!
Whitney Design 01822 10-Pocket Canvas Hanging Shoe Bag These are the organizers I use to store outfits for my children.

Whitney Design 01822-2 10-Pocket Double Canvas Hanging Shoe Bag -This size organizer is great for a child’s closet

Whitney Design 01822-3 Hanging Canvas Shoe and Sweater Bag This organizer holds sweaters and shoes!

Whitney Design 01812 6-Shelf Canvas Sweater Organizer Here’s a larger cubby organizer sized for sweaters.

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Comment by Mary Jean Sullivan

March 6, 2007 @ 1:36 pm

Also, if you have room and you hang your sweaters fold then over the hanger don’t hang them like a shirt. Fold the sweater in half, lay it on the side with the arm stretched out, put the hanger part of the hanger in the sweater armpit, then fold the sleeves over one side of the hanger and the body part of the sweater over the other side of the hanger. You can see which sweaters are which and you don’t get sweater bumps!

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