E-cyling made easy… and FREE!

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For anyone who knows me I’m a big fan of Costco.  You can’t beat their 1/2 sheet of birthday cake for $16, chocolate moose filling with butter cream icing- yum!  And where else can I grab a soda and large hot dog for $1.50, and have enough to share with my daughter?    And I haven’t even mentioned their free samples…

But this week, after testing out their electronic trade-in and recycling program, I’m a even bigger fan.

To test out their program, I packaged up my old computer monitor that recently died and has taken up residency in my storage area.  It’s been gathering dust for a couple months as I waited for the e-cyling fairy (AKA my husband) to deal with it.  I think I was intimidated by it.  It’s a beast, a big and bulky old CRT monitor.  Fearful that my basement would start to become the electronic graveyard, I logged onto Costco.com.

With a few clicks, Costco emailed me a pre-paid UPS shipping label.  I packaged up my monitor (decluttering my shredder bin by using shredded paper to help cushion the package) and headed to the UPS kiosk at my local Staples to drop it off.

But it was slightly more complicated than that.  In addition to my 42 pound box – (I told you it was a beast), I had my 6 year old, my 4 year old, and my 8 month old with me.  Before unleashing the children, I grabbed a shopping cart from the shopping center parking lot and got the box situated.  With the baby strapped in the cart with the huge box jutting out, we headed into Staples  and within 5 minutes, I was feeling set free from my electronic clutter and empowered.  “If I can take out 3 children and a 42 pound box, I can do anything!”  It was remarkably easy.

Try it for yourself and free  yourself from your electronic graveyard.  Costco will even tell you if your item is of value and give you trade-in $ for the item.  Check it out!

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