Day 2: The 12 Days of Thanksgiving

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If you are just joining us, read the overview here.

Part of the fun of the holiday season is the slew of mail you receive from near and far. I love receiving Christmas cards! And I also like to send them….that is, once they are sent! I do not enjoy the process of gathering the addresses.

Each year I plan on updating my mail merge file so I can just click “print” and have sheets of mailing labels ready to go. But each year, this task gets placed on the back burner as the days approaching Christmas get more and more hectic. Letters get sent out piecemeal, and I inevitably get confused as to whom I’ve sent out cards!

Not this year.

Today’s task is to gather your addresses now! Whether you are simply updating your address book with all those addresses you’ve been clipping from the letters received throughout the year(s), or updating a computer file so you can easily print labels, today’s the day to do it!

I just discovered a great app from Avery that allows you to take the addresses from your IPhone contacts and making mailing labels. It stores your project on the cloud, so you don’t need an air printer to print it. After saving your project, just log onto Avery’s website and you can open your project and print. How easy is that? The bonus is that my IPhone contacts will now be updated today too!

Don’t forget to fill and bag and the freezer! Find a bag of items to bless someone else with this Thanksgiving. And if you cook today, double a dish to enjoy in the hectic month of December.

Post your progress at

I’ll post the Avery app on my Pinterest board!

Happy Organizing!

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