Conquering the paper monster…my progress

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve found it hard to get started on this month’s mission. I’ve been on a different mission, “putting away Christmas”, purging some of my decorations, packing them up, and using the found space to rearrange my home.

As I rearrange things, I’ve been sorting and purging. I’ve really caught the organizing bug! (Yes, I know I’m a professional organizer, but I don’t always have the same excitement or energy to organize MY home as I do with a fresh space such as YOURS!)

Putting away the holiday decor and rearranging and getting my 4 kiddos back to the normal routine has occupied my time. However, today I did it. I started to slay the paper monster.

Papers took the back burner while Santa was burning the midnight oil, so today I pulled out my “active” papers and purged. There’s more I want to do, but my workspace is again clear. And that in itself is energizing me to get started on the next project!

I ended up digitalizing a lot of my important papers. I’ve been using Genius Scan on my IPhone for about a year now. With the snap of a button, it scans your papers. It really is a fantastic app. I use in a lot for my business. But now I’m starting to use it more to manage my household.

With 4 young kids, important papers tend to walk off. So today I quickly scanned those important documents. I saved each document by category or by child (whichever made the most sense). Now in each of my kid virtual files I have their class phone lists and activity schedules. Now as long as I have my phone (or access to a computer as the paid version allows you to save the information on cloud services such as Dropbox), I have access to all the key details of our crazy schedule as as family of 6.

I’ll be keeping the paper versions in the house for the kids to reference, but now if they walk off it will not inconvenience me.

I think that makes me the victor in Round 1 of Colleen vs. the Paper Monster.

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