Storage Area Mission # 2: Head to the basement!

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Basements are mixed blessings. On one hand, they can provide additional living area and storage. On the other hand, they can be clutter magnets, attracting those “I don’t know where to put it” items, those unfinished projects, and those “I might need it someday” objects.

Because of the assortment of items that can be found in basements, basements can be overwhelming. This week, you are challenged to identify and complete one goal for your basement. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Create the arts and crafts area you’ve been wanting. Go through your supplies and organize them by type. Set up a table with your craft supplies nearby.
  2. Maximize your storage and go vertical. Put your storage boxes and containers on shelving. You’ll no longer have to move 5 boxes to get to the one you want. Consider this great shelving system.
  3. Go through 4 of your unorganized boxes. Assign a home for each item.
  4. Set a timer and spend 15 minutes a day working on your basement. See just how much you can accomplish in these small increments.

Overwhelmed by the state of your basement? Hire Set Me Free! to help you with your project.

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Comment by Eileen Wylie

October 25, 2006 @ 7:54 am

When my birthday rolled around the year we moved in – the year everything was in boxes, I requested 5 tall cabinets with shelves and door as amy present. They’re about 6 feet tall and hold and HIDE lots of stuff – rotation mantle and table display items, seasonal display items, heavy cooking pots, big Tupperware pieces. If my first floor had more storage area, this wouldn’t have been necessary; but, it pleases me to have it all out of boxes and easily accessible and it is an attractive wall in the grandkids’ play area as well.

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