Kitchen & Dining Room Mission #1: Sort your food!

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This week you are challenged to take inventory of your food and get it all organized.

Don’t overdo it! If you start by pulling out all of your food at once, you will get quickly overwhelmed. Instead, start by identifying all of your food storage areas. For example:

  1. cabinets
  2. refrigerator
  3. pantry
  4. spare fridge/freezer
  5. basement shelves
  • Pick one of these areas to focus on first. Go through each item and check expiration dates. Not sure about the shelf life of food? Click here.
  • Discard all the expired foods, or foods you know you will not use before their expiration date. If you find that you are storing products you don’t use or don’t like, create a donate pile for your local food bank.
  • Continue this process until you go through all of your food zones.
  • Organize what remains, putting like items together. If you are not sure how to categorize an item, pretend your kitchen is a mini-grocery store. Organize your shelves as “aisles”, creating your own canned good section, baking area, snack section, breakfast zone, etc.
  • Store the items where they make sense. Try to place frequently used items in convenient locations and place multiples of items in a pantry area.
  • Save money on meals this month! Commit to making at least 1 meal each week, using items you already have. If you have an ingredient you don’t usually cook with, click here for some ideas!
  • Consider investing in some space saving items such as lazy susans, tiered spice racks, and can dispensers. You can find some great organizing products at these stores.

Overwhelmed by this project? Set Me Free! offers hands-on help.

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