Kitchen & Dining Room Mission #2: Attack the Cabinets!

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With your food sorting finished, it’s time to work on all your non-food items in those cabinets. Start with a clear surface for sorting- such as your kitchen table, counter, or dining room table. Clear out one cabinet at time, putting like items together. With the cabinets empty, take a few minutes to clean them and line them with shelve paper if you would like.

Now take a look at what you have. Keep what you need and use. Donate duplicates. Free up some shelf space by selling those wedding gifts you’ve never used.

Take inventory of your appliances. If you use them regularly, keep them in your kitchen. Perhaps your bread maker looked like a necessity when you registered for it for your wedding, but somehow you’ve managed not to use it for 2 years. If you think you’ll use it in the future, consider putting it in storage to free up your valuable kitchen space.

Consider the homes you give to what remains. If you use an item frequently, put it in an accessible area close to where you use it. Place your dishes in a cabinet near the sink or dishwasher. Use your high, hard to reach shelves for the dishes you use occasionally.

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Comment by Debbie

October 7, 2006 @ 8:41 am

Here’s an organizer I discovered that I LOVE! It puts all those schedules and calendars in one easy place on the fridge! My kids think it’s fun, too, and refer to it as well:

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