Living Zone Mission #2: Organize your Media

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You are finally taking some time to relax and to curl up with your favorite movie. But when you open up your TV cabinet, all your movies fall on top of you! You frantically go through your movies and are relieved when you eventually find what you’ve been looking for. You quickly throw the other movies back into the cabinet, carefully closing the door. (You’ll get to organizing those movies some other day). You prepare your popcorn and flip open the DVD case only to discover that your beloved movie is not it the proper case! Sound familiar?

This week we are addressing this problem. DVDs, video tapes, video games and CDs have a way of piling up. If you don’t have a proper home for them, then you can’t enjoy them when you want them. Here’s what you need to to do to get control of them so that they are ready when you need them:

1. COLLECT. Gather your DVDs, video tapes, video games and CDs from all over your home and from your cars!

2. SORT. Make separate piles for each type of media (DVDs, video tapes, CDs). Open each case and make sure that the right item is in each. Decide how to categorize them. Pick a method of organizing that is easy to maintain. Consider categorized first by type. For example, I like keeping children’s movies and exercise videos separate from my regular movie collection. If your collection is large, you may need to alphabetize each category so that you can find what you are looking for when you need it. However, if your collection is relatively small, alphabetizing may be an unnecessary time-consuming step.

3. MINIMIZE. Now that you’ve sorted through your collection, take a moment to identify items that you can get rid of through donating, selling, or returning them to their owner.

4. CONTAIN. Consider how your collection should be contained. I like using large CD wallets to house my CD collections. I simply place the CD and the booklet in each pouch. Look for CD wallets with a 3 ring binder so that you can easily add you new additions alphabetically. You can use the same system for your DVDs. This method helps with storage issues as you will no longer need to house the cases. (If you wish, you can keep the empty cases in your long term storage, so that you will have the original cases if you were to ever sell part of your collection.)

KID TIP:  I put all of my children’s DVD’s into a DVD wallet.   The kids just flip through the wallet, “reading” each title by the images on the DVD.  After a DVD is viewed, it goes into the first empty sleeve I find.   Try to keep the collection small so that they can easily find their favorites.  And if you have a DVD player for the car or are just headed to grandma’s, all you have to do is grab the small DVD wallet, no need to repack!

Consider where you house your collection. Try to keep everything in a central location. Keep each category where you use them most. For example, if you only use your exercise tapes in your bedroom, store them there.

Need to contain your media?  Check out these organizing products:

A great space-saver for CDs and DVDs-  This small box holds 200 CDs/DVDs.  My husband got this for his movie collection.  He files them alphabetically.  It’s been working great for about 2 years now!
A CD Wallet

A wall organizer for CDs and DVDs

or this cool filing rack for CD’s and DVD’s
Overwhelmed by this project? Set Me Free! offers hands-on help. Are you motivated by this mission or have a great organizing idea that works for you? Leave a comment to inspire others!

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