Laundry and Bath Mission #1: Do the Laundry!

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Is your laundry area storing more than dirty laundry? It’s time to take action.

1. Get caught up on your laundry. Yes, even those hand-washables you’ve been putting off. And make a decision on that shirt you’ve already soaked 3 times. If the stain isn’t leaving, it’s time for the shirt to leave!
2. Take inventory of your laundry supplies. Are you using all the products you have? If you still have the detergent that made your husband break out in a rash, get rid of it! If you have 2 of the same products open at the same time, try to consolidate them.
3. Organize your laundry supplies. Be sure to make the most frequently used items the most accessible.
4. Clean the outside surface of your laundry machine and dryer.
5. Assess your space: Are you keeping things in your laundry room that really don’t belong there, like that box of clutter you hid from your dinner guests last week? Take some time to put away things that don’t belong in your laundry area.
6. Consider some products to help laundry day be more efficient.

Not sure where to start? Set Me Free! offers hands-on help.

If you are motivated by this mission or have a great organizing idea that works for you, please leave a comment to inspire others!

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