It could start with a small pile of mail. Before you know it, everywhere you look, there are piles of paper. The paper monster has taken over.

Or perhaps you never found the perfect place for those new Christmas toys. Before you know it the birthday toys start to pour in, and your beautiful living room floor can no longer be seen.

If this sounds familiar, you probably feel overwhelmed and stressed by your home. Fortunately, Set Me Free! can help. Set Me Free! offers one-on-one organizational coaching to help you transform your house into an efficient home.

Making your home organizationally efficient can be overwhelming. With your organizational coach by your side, you will get yourself organized faster and more efficiently. Your professional organizer will teach you how to tackle the project, how to decide what to keep in the space, and how to organize what remains. Set Me Free! will cater to your needs and personality to create systems that work for you!

Prior to the onset of services, Set Me Free! will provide a free consultation to assess your needs, recommend an organizing package and offer an estimate.

List of Services

Each package includes up to 2 free hours of personal shopping for organizational products.

Power Hours
Overwhelmed by clutter? Tackling an organizing project is easier and more efficient when you have someone by your side to help you keep focused. Your Set Me Free! organizer can work with you to organize your home and teach you how to organize. Or, if you prefer, your organizer can first sort your items into categories and then meet with you to decide which items should remain in the space. This method is ideal for those whose health may limit their stamina for traditional organizing sessions.

Clutter “Check-Ups
If you need to make a dramatic change in how you organize you life, this is the program for you! Sometimes it is hard to stay motivated and focused when confronting overwhelming clutter. Despite your best efforts, you don’t have the time or energy to face your project. Instead, you’ll “do it tomorrow”. You need small goals and realistic deadlines.

Weekly Check-Ups
Together with your professional organizer, you will make a “Plan of Attack” of how to restore order in your home. Each week you will work on organizing manageable zones in your home. Your organizational coach will help you create realistic weekly goals to accomplish between visits. Each session, you will check in with your organizer and discuss your progress and the challenges you faced. In addition to coaching, you will receive a “power hour” session each week to helping you kick-start your targeted zone. Your professional organizer is available via email to offer motivation and problem solving between “check-ups“ (Approximately 1 ½ hours a week for 6 weeks)

Monthly Check-Ups
This is essentially the “weekly check-up” program on a monthly basis. Each session includes problem-solving and goal setting and two “power hours” to help you get your work started. Your personal organizer is available via email to offer motivation and problem solving between “check-ups“ (Approximately 2 ½ hours a month for 3 months)

Weekend Warrior
The weekend warrior program is for people who want to get the job done as quickly as possible. It requires stamina and zero distractions. Drop the kids or pets off at the sitter, turn off the phone, and get to work! Set Me Free! will help you make the most of these 2 days completely devoted to your organizational project. Your coach will work with you 5 hours each day and assign you projects to complete on your own. Plan to work on your project for 8-10 hours each day and you’ll see amazing results.

Staged to Sell
Selling your home? Set Me Free! can help you stage your home to sell. Rearranging and reorganizing your home can help you sell your home faster and get you ready for moving day sooner. Your personal coach will offer advice on how to neutralize your home and can offer hands-on assistance to get your home ready to be shown and ready to sell!

Satisfaction Guarantee

Set Me Free!, strives to meet a 100% client satisfaction level. If we fail to meet any of the proposed solutions as detailed in your proposal, please provide us with a written letter describing what solution, or parts of the solution, were not met within 7 business days. Set Me Free! will then schedule a complimentary session(s) to make necessary adjustments. Failure to make a claim within this period implies that you fully accept the completed solutions at the agreed upon price.

*Prices subject to Change*