Welcome to Set Me Free! where organizational strategies are catered to your personality and needs. Whether you are in need of hands-on professional organizing, or you’re a do-it-yourself-er looking for tips and motivation to get control of your clutter, Set Me Free! can help.

Are you searching for a way to decrease the clutter in your life and to better manage your home? As the mother of four small children, I understand how challenging it is to manage work, home and family responsibilities. I know about the frustration of tripping over toys, drowning in papers, and struggling to find time for yourself.

The solution is organization. Through simple organizing solutions, you can make your home easier to manage- to clean, to entertain, and to retrieve items. Organizing will save you time and money, decrease your stress, and make your life more efficient and balanced.

If you’re a do-it-yourself-er, join my Monthly Missions program. Each month we work on a different area of the house by working on a project every week! In 6 months, you will have worked on every area of your home- in as little as 15 minutes a day! Join my free newsletter, and get these projects delivered to your email.

Not so sure that you want to tackle your clutter alone? My company, Set Me Free!, can provide you with the coaching and hands on assistance to help you complete your organizing project.

As a licensed social worker, I am trained to help people find solutions to their problems. In fact, I have over eight years experience helping others identify and meet their personal goals despite obstacles of grief, loss, emotional needs, and addictions. My social work experience has made me an expert problem-solver. I can help you tackle your overwhelming organizational project by breaking down your project into manageable chunks. I can help you set goals to help you overcome your clutter and improve your life. I understand how your background and individual experiences impact your ability to organize and how emotionally challenging it can be to downsize your clutter. Finally, I value your privacy. All services provided are completely confidential.

Whether you hire me to organize your home or just access my site for do-it-yourself tips and motivational missions, let me help to set you free from your clutter!

Colleen McDonnell, Professional Organizer