“Monthly Missions”

It’s time to get organized and stay organized with Set Me Free!’s Monthly Missions.
If you’re like most people, you probably have areas of your home that you’ll “get to tomorrow”-but tomorrow never comes. In the meantime, your cluttered area becomes a clutter avalanche!
Set Me Free! helps you tackle clutter by dividing your home into 6 zones. Each month Set Me Free! features one area or zone of your home for you to attack! Every week, Set Me Free! offers tips, advice, and motivation to complete tasks within your zone. In 6 months, you will have worked on every area of your home!

  • You decide how much time you can devote to the tasks, but try to commit to at least 15 minutes a day to see results!
  • The time you spend on Monthly Missions does not take the place of your current organizational routine. The bottomline: try not to let the rest of your home slip into disorder while working on your missions.
  • Set a timer or see how much you can get done while you listen to your favorite song or CD.
  • You decide what your organizational goals are and when you’ve reached them! One person’s goal may be to be able to park in their garage. Another person’s goal may be simply to figure out just what is in their garage! There’s nothing wrong with baby steps… they are still progress!
  • If you don’t finish your weekly task, you decide whether to continue with your current task, or to move on to the next one. If one task takes you the whole month, you’re still successful with the mission!
  • Challenge yourself to see how much of the weekly “to do” list you can check off!
  • Share your triumphs and struggles in the comments! We can all learn from each other!

Before starting Monthly Missions:

  • Create your personal Home Zone Map. Categorize each of the rooms of your home into 6 categories based on their function:
    • Storage (basement, attic, garage, entrance closet)
    • Bathing & Cleaning (bathrooms, linen closet, laundry area)
    • Living (living rooms, family rooms, play areas)
    • Eating (kitchens, dining rooms, breakfast nooks)
    • Sleeping (bedrooms)
    • Working (office, paperwork areas)
  • As you work on your missions, refer to your personal Home Zone Map to make sure you didn’t forget an area of your zone.
  • Before starting Monthly Missions, be sure to complete the Monthly Missions WEEK 1 Orientation: Getting Ready.
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Happy Organizing!